The First International Workshop on Cofiring Biomass with Coal to be organised by the IEA Clean Coal Centre has been held at Drax Power Station, Yorkshire, UK from 25-26 January 2011.

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Cofiring with biomass is often seen as a simple way to reduce emissions of CO2 from coal fired power stations, and it is becoming increasingly popular. However, the growing use of biomass raises a number of issues: what are the impacts on other emissions of adding biomass? What is the effect on the ash? What about the overall efficiency of the plant? What proportion of biomass can be added with minimal effect? And what are the effects of adding larger amounts of biomass? What legislation and policy is in place to promote cofiring with biomass? And what is needed?

These questions and others have been discussed by a number of leading researchers in the field at our workshop in Drax, Yorkshire, UK. 

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